“I have gone to Andy for years and as a fighter, we constantly have injuries. When it comes to my body - just like with my training - I only want the best and Andy works magic. Andy is an all around great guy, who has worked on most of my injuries and helped me tremendously. I always send my fighters to him too and they all say the same thing. Don't hesitate to go see him!”

Marcus K.

“I have been a patient at Pritikin Physical Therapy for approx 1 year, and I can't say enough good things about this place.  I've had back problems for over twelve years and have experienced many physical therapists, but Dr. Andrew Pritikin is far better than anyone I've ever seen.  He doesn't use aides, so you get his full attention for the entire hour of your appointment.  I've never had any back relief before, but Dr. Pritikin's method of manual therapy and exercise has finally helped me.  He is very thorough and treats each patient like his own family member.  I would definitely recommend Dr. Pritikin to everyone.  You won't be dissapointed!”

Ember I.

“Dr. Pritikin is unique among physical therapists. He spends the entire appointment with his patients and incorporates a whole body approach to his practice. This is incredibly important to me as a patient as I was in a car accident. I'm seeing Dr. Pritikin for a neck injury, but he's also addressing some underlying issues relating to my shoulders and my ankles that are all related to the accident. I did originally try a different physical therapist before seeing Dr. Pritikin and all they did was heat, e-stim, and some stretching. Same thing every visit with no results. Now that I'm seeing Dr. Pritikin, I'm finally starting to feel normal again. He's great at explaining what he's doing as well, so I feel much more knowledgeable about how my body works and how to keep it strong on the future.”

Julia B.

“I rehabbed my ankle at Pritikin PT after having arthroscopic surgery and injections. Andy was highly recommended by my ortho because he gets results and works with athletes and dancers. He uses all kinds of healing modalities and treated the whole body as it related to my injury including my legs, hips and back. I haven't found any PT who also does manual therapy as effectively as Andy.  So few PT's do manual therapy and this is his main thing.  He can work deeply into the damaged tissue and I love that I get a physical workout as well. I would totally recommend his services over anyone else.”

Laura D.

I have been a lifelong athlete including college basketball and volleyball, 7 years of rugby, and still competing as I turn 40 next month.

In 2001 during a rugby match i suffered a complete dislocation of my left elbow.
It folded 180 degrees the wrong way after 2 large props landed on me (roughly 525lbs, elbow folded like a toothpick).
I was lucky to fully recover from that trauma and return to the pitch after being told I would never play any sport again.
I survived a head on crash in 2010, triple fracture to my tibial plateau, herniated my C3 in my neck and L5 in my back.
Over the years I've had successful surgeries and rehabilitation's. 2002-03, two Shoulder surgeries. (misdiagnosed Mumford procedure, and then correct procedure, torn rotator/labrum repair with 2 bone spur extractions). 

Now 2014, 2 more knee surgeries. This knee surgery was to "fix" the first ACL reconstruction in which the graft came loose. No injury or tear, just old technology from 1993. 

New technique will prevent any slipping of the graft.In between May and Novembers knee surgeries I had a foot surgery, in which they severed my big toe. (Chevron bunionectomy)

Enough injury resume...

For the past 5 years I have been a fitness professional, specifically doing post-physical therapy training, injury prevention, and strength and conditioning.
I have now had more education and I do know a bit about the physical therapy process.

I came here to Dr. Andrew Pritikin from a friend referral, knowing I had pain following this ACL reconstruction 10 weeks ago.
My surgeon explained to me, my last PT at "RA physical therapy" was "hurting me".
Not only hurting me but also risking my recovery as well as 2 additional surgeries!!!

During the recovery phase It is paramount to have the right professional no matter what you think you know, or how much you like the physical therapist as a person.
Overall I have fired 4 physical therapist out of 10. Usually because of poor care, or lack of experience.

Finding a good physical therapist is tougher than finding a mechanic that wont rip you off, or for the ladies a stylist that "Knows Your Hair".

The experience that "Pritikin Physical Therapy" provides and specifically Andy is the best Ive ever received.
Both the care and experience combine to get the results with a hint of compassion. :) Its tough work, and Andy is great at putting the patient at ease.
Great supporting staff, easy access and a healing environment.
I will not be going anywhere else from now on.

Now when I go to pt with Andy, I leave exhausted, but with ZERO PAIN!!!
I cant tell you what a relief it is to be able to trust my therapist again.
I am still working as a fitness professional, and I no longer work with pain.
Every week we progress our exercises and increase my strength, but with NO PAIN!!!

Thank you Andy!

Ryan T.

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